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Mia PharoahMiniature Tigers [@MiniatureTigers] , one of my favorite modern day bands has a new album, “Mia Pharoah”. Full of indie dance pop. Reinventing themselves from the regular pop they have previously released on projects like “F O R T R E S S" and "Tell It To The Volcano”. Not a drastic change in sound, but this definitely isn’t the same band as before.

Great new music though. Here’s a video for one of the songs on this album. Done by the lovely people at IFC. Animated by Charlie Brand himself. Video is at the bottom. Buy their new album here.

April 9, 2012

CoverOne of the most unpredictable and insightful rappers of the 2000s, Jay Electronica [@JayElectronica] has finally released the full version of “Dear Moleskine”, produced by none other than Just Blaze. This track was released as a snippet in 2009. The year of his buzz building. But no projects have dropped since then and getting picked up by Roc Nation. Critics and fans are wondering just when Act II: The Patents of Nobility is gonna be released. While he says it as a whole, is finished. We have to wonder what Roc Nation is doing about a possible release, or why it hasn’t been released already.

Listen to the full version of “Dear Moleskine” at the bottom. [Mp3 provided by ILLROOTS] April 9, 2012

KrisKris Henry [@FVCKKRISHENRY], young rapper/producer out of LA is a hard nose story-telling young genius. His latest available work, “Fuchsia Trees" is a mix of tales with lo-fi, trap style production. Songs with pimp culture feel from the early 70’s ("Black Cadillac"), and other songs about a very popular topic nowadays, Lean [promethazine], ("Leanin"). This EP has production from himself, Amuro Beats, Jay Curry, Contact Lens, and Frankenstein (Over There Gang). You can download Fuchsia Trees here.

His newest project dropping soon is gonna be called “Noir”. He tweeted that it should have “Leanin Pt. 2”. This project will probably step in where “Fuchsia” left off. West Coast Lo-Fi Rap. Here’s the trailer for “Noir” with a beat produced by Harry Fraud.

April 9, 2012