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Mia PharoahMiniature Tigers [@MiniatureTigers] , one of my favorite modern day bands has a new album, “Mia Pharoah”. Full of indie dance pop. Reinventing themselves from the regular pop they have previously released on projects like “F O R T R E S S" and "Tell It To The Volcano”. Not a drastic change in sound, but this definitely isn’t the same band as before.

Great new music though. Here’s a video for one of the songs on this album. Done by the lovely people at IFC. Animated by Charlie Brand himself. Video is at the bottom. Buy their new album here.

April 9, 2012

One of Chi-town hardest working producers, Thelonious Martin [@KingThelonious] took time out of his busy schedule (from his recent placement on many records done for Dom Kennedy, Casey Veggies, Hodgy Beats, Abstract Cannon [shameless plug]) to talk about his influences, his new tape and who he’d like to work with in the future.

STYGLD Get his new tape, STYGLD at his bandcamp, here. April 4, 2012

VisitorsLazerhawk [Facebook] is a Australian band that’s a blast from the past. This band consists of Paul Ibbotson aka Hammer Falcon, Simon Stavrevski aka Storm Phoenix, and Leif Ssnake Sixx aka Leif the Eagle!.

They make music reminiscent of music you heard in 80’s theme songs for sitcoms. And lush Electro pop that took over Miami in 80’s. This is their new video for a song named “Beyond the Infinite Void”, this song and 12 more tracks were released on Lazerhawk’s most recent album, “Visitors”, released on Rosso Corsa Records last February. which you can stream and the bottom along with the video.

March 31, 2012